Why it works

Our success is based on your success

Unlike traditional health and wellness programs where you pay for time, with VidaFit, you pay for achieving specific results – therefore, our success is based on your success



Prepare for Results

You receive a free, one-on-one wellness consultation with a VidaFit Consultant at your home (or another location of your choice). The consultation includes a health risk appraisal, biometric testing (if desired), and a comprehensive wellness test.


Achieve Results

You get a one-stop-shop solution: personal training, nutrition counseling, kitchen coaching, massage therapy, and lifestyle coaching. We’ll help you navigate around your personal challenges so that you achieve your wellness goals.


Measure ResultsResults3

You wear an armband to track important wellness metrics such as calories burned, steps taken and number of hours slept. You also keep a daily exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle log to track progress.



Pay for Results

If you are following the program and for some reason not getting results, your wellness plans will be adjusted appropriately, and you will receive additional consultations at no extra charge.

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