Lina’s Journey

Beating cancer and becoming fit again!

This is the story of my journey with VidaFit.

I want to live!

In about 12 months, I will be coming off my 10 year post-cancer medication treatment and I am terrified that I may be diagnosed with cancer again, if I don’t continue moving closer to a healthier weight and lifestyle.

I’ve already lost a lot of weight on my own but experienced a major setback and need help to achieve my goal of losing a total of 100 pounds. I also want to lower my HBA1c from 6.2 down to at least 5.5 and would love to play tennis again someday (flitting about like a butterfly, not lumbering along with a 60 pound log on my back!)

Special thanks to VidaFit for awarding me with their Cancer Wellness Scholarship. Through the scholarship, I get VidaFit’s True Food delivery service (organic, gluten-free meals delivered fresh to my door) and the Be Well Program (comprehensive, mobile fitness on a pay-for-results basis). I’m truly blessed.

Please follow my progress and share words of encouragement as I battle to regain my health and achieve my dream to be fit again.