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The VidaFit Promise

  • Ideal for those that want:
  • Total Nutritional Counseling, Kitchen and Lifestyle Coaching sessionsIncludes personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, weekly food diary analysis, detailed meal planning, cooking lessons, and one-on-one coaching. Sessions are delivered primarily by phone and email with a monthly onsite visit.
  • Total Personal Training and Massage Therapy Sessions Massage therapy sessions are scheduled based on your progress and personal preference.
  • 100% Mobile Our team comes to you wherever you may be – home, office, outside – wherever.
  • Ecosystem of Wellness Tools & Information Includes use of an activity tracker, hi-tech scale, online food diary, mobile app and exclusive access to recipes and workouts.
  • Become self-sufficient Develop healthy habits that stick for life. No meal replacement products. No gym membership necessary.


  • Modest goals with focus on nutrution
  • 4 / month
  • $595 / Month


  • BIG goals and very good value
  • 4 / month
  • 4 / month
  • $795 / Month


  • Ambitious goals at a reasonable price
  • 4 / month
  • 6 / month
  • $1095 / Month


  • Best results and the most bang for the buck.
  • 4 / month
  • 8 / month
  • $1395 / Month

The VidaFit Promise

We guarantee that you will achieve the promised level of improvement for your plan in at least 8 VidaFit wellness metrics. If you meet your commitment and do not achieve the guaranteed results specific to your tier of service, we will extend your membership for FREE until you do (up to an additional six months).

Your Commitment
– Complete your intake forms
– Wear your activity tracker everyday, all day
– Weigh yourself regularly on your hi-tech scale
– Record all food intake and exercise activity in your digital diary
– Meet with your VidaFit experts for the total number of membership sessions
– Implement in a timely manner your wellness plans and assignments
– Do not work or exercise while sick

VidaFit Average Results
The average VidaFit Client loses .5 to 1% of body fat each month and makes a significant improvement to strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall health. Your team of experts will help you navigate around your specific challenges so you achieve or exceed the goals specific to your plan.

Looking for smaller wellness plans?

Check out our other offerings.  All would make a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.

On-Site Fitness and Nutrition

Instructor Guiding Man To Fill The Membership Form

Ideal for:
Those that are committed to changing their life and improving their health through fitness and nutrition.

What’s included?
– Comprehensive movement and wellness assessment
– Creation of personalized Fitness and Nutritional plans
– Access to small group training session up to 3 times per week
– One-on-one nutritional counseling session with one of our Registered Dieticians
– Access to online recipes, training sheets, and expert articles


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Annual Membership (24 sessions)

Calendar IconsIdeal for:
Making a meaningful improvement over an extended period of time. Great for those who are not quite ready to start the main program or would like ongoing support with a “light touch”.

What’s included?
– 2 sessions a month with your VidaFit expert of choice for 12 months
– Creation of personalized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle plans
– Use of hi tech scale and digital food/exercise diary
– Access to online recipes, training sheets, and expert articles

$229 / month

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Quick Start (12 sessions)

SF37Ideal for:
Those that prefer a “DIY” approach but would like extra support to design the plan and accelerate progress. Also ideal for those that simply want a 12 pack of sessions to meet with their VidaFit expert of choice.

What’s included?
– Comprehensive wellness assessment
– Creation of personalized wellness plans
– Personal training, nutritional counseling, massage therapy,  life coaching, and personal chef services
– Kitchen assessment, menu planning, and cooking lessons
– Use of hi tech scale and digital food/exercise diary
– Access to online recipes, training sheets, and expert articles

$1,429 total

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Tune Up (5 sessions)

Instructor Guiding Man To Fill The Membership FormIdeal for:
Anyone that wants to optimize their current exercise/nutrition plans so they don’t plateau and continue to get good results.

What’s included?
– Comprehensive wellness assessment
– Use of hi tech scale and digital food/exercise diary
– Food diary analysis, nutrition plan, kitchen recommendations
– Creation of exercise and lifestyle plans
– Personal training to learn the new plan

$629 total

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Individual or Family Trial (3 sessions)

Family lunchIdeal for:
Up to 5 family members that want to trial VidaFit’s holistic, in-home wellness program before starting one of the bigger plans. Also makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.

What’s included?
– Wellness consultation to define goals and agree wellness plan
– Kitchen assessment and cooking lesson!
– Personal Training session to assess fitness levels

$329 total

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