VidaFit Be Well Program

Comprehensive mobile fitness

Comprehensive mobile fitness for busy professionals


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Learn how to do more in less time so that exercise, stretching, and good posture become a regular part of your life.


Nutritional Counseling
Fill gaps in your knowledge and follow an all-natural eating approach that is sustainable for life.


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Learn new recipes, master time-saving techniques, and optimize your kitchen so that eating healthy is quick and easy.


Massage Therapy
Practice the art of self-massage, foam rolling, and active stretching to improve your health and accelerate recovery.


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Sleep more, reduce stress, and develop healthy attitudes and lifestyle habits that enable long-term success.

Program Highlights

Gesundheitsvorsorge LogosIntegrated

You get one-on-one, private lessons from a team of wellness experts: Health Coach, Registered Dietitian, Personal Chef, Personal Trainer, Chiropractor, Message Therapist, and Sleep Doctor.


If you have to change your physical location to get fit, then you are less likely to develop healthy habits that actually stick over time. Our team comes to you wherever you may be – home, office, outside – wherever.


If you are following the program and are not getting results, your plans will be modified appropriately and you will receive additional consultations at no charge. Our success is truly based on your success.

Gesundheitsvorsorge LogosData-driven

Stay accountable and measure your progress every step of the way – you use an activity tracker, WiFi scale, online food diary and a mobile app to identify and track your bad habits so that you can do something about them.

All Natural: No Meal Replacement Products or Supplements!

Start Now Risk Free

What the Experts Say

Fotolia_35194861_MJust a few bad habits, such as skipping meals, drinking soda, working while sick, or staying up too late at night, can cause a steady creep in body weight and lead to chronic health conditions. These small choices add up.

— Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, New England Journal of Medicine

Shawn EhmannUnfortunately, many people learn the hard way that temporary lifestyle changes DO NOT deliver permanent results. Quick fixes such as dieting, meal replacement products, and short term exercise programs don’t address the root behavioral causes which caused the poor health and fitness to begin with.

— Shawn Ehmann, co-founder and Managing Director of VidaFit LLC

gansPeople are looking for a silver bullet, but they won’t change their behavior. That’s where the problem lies. 20+ years of bad habits CAN NOT be fixed in a few weeks. It takes a sustained and focused effort over time to achieve real, meaningful change that sticks for life.

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— Keri Gans, registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.