What is special about the VidaFit program?

The VidaFit program is special for two reasons:

First, with VidaFit, you get lasting results: we help you create healthy habits across exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle so that you become and remain fit. We do not use quick-fix approaches such as fad diets, meal replacement products, or one-off exercise programs that lead to the yo-yo effect and long-term failure.

Second, with VidaFit, you pay for results: instead of paying for time, you pay for achieving specific results. Therefore, our success is solely based on your success.

How does the ‘Pay-for-Results’ philosophy work?

We guarantee that you will achieve the promised level of improvement for your plan in at least 8 VidaFit wellness metrics. If you meet your commitment and do not achieve the guaranteed results specific to your tier of service, we will extend your membership for FREE until you do (up to an additional six months).

Your Commitment
– Complete your intake forms
– Wear your activity tracker everyday, all day
– Weigh yourself regularly on your hi-tech scale
– Record all food intake and exercise activity in your digital diary
– Meet with your VidaFit experts for the total number of membership sessions
– Implement in a timely manner your wellness plans and assignments
– Do not work or exercise while sick

VidaFit Average Results
The average VidaFit Client loses .5 to 1% of body fat each month and makes a significant improvement to strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall health. Your team of experts will help you navigate around your specific challenges so you achieve or exceed the goals specific to your plan.

How much does the program cost?

The amount of investment required for your personal journey depends on your unique starting position and how much support you need. Please request a free VidaFit wellness consultation for detailed pricing.

How long is the program?

The program is 6 months in duration. Shorter plans are available. Please reference VidaFit Plans and Pricing.

How often and how long do I meet with my VidaFit Consultant?

The short answer is that you will meet as often and for as long as you need in order to get results. The typical consultation lasts 45 minutes and most clients prefer to meet once or twice per week for the first few weeks and then periodically after that.

Can I tailor the program to fit my needs and preferences?

Yes! Your fitness plan will be developed specifically for you – your specific goals, preferences, fitness level, body type, and nutritional requirements. The amount and type of personal training, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle coaching that you get will also be flexed up or down, depending on what you need and want.

Do I have to stop all the things I enjoy (i.e. alcohol, soda, sweets, etc)?

The VidaFit program follows the philosophy that “all things in moderation” are fine. As long as you move, eat, and live well on a daily basis, then indulging in life’s guilty pleasures from time to time is ok and actually very important to achieving results that last over time.

Can I go through the program with someone else?

Yes! In fact, this is highly recommended for family members, coworkers and good friends. We have found that the buddy approach is one of the most effective ways to get fit. Plus, your total investment per person is much less if you choose this option.

I am extremely busy. Will I have enough time for the program?

You can become and stay fit in the time that you have. In fact, most of our clients learn how to cut their exercise and cooking time in half so that they have more time to do the things they love. That being said, turning your unhealthy behaviors into healthy habits is usually not a matter of how much time you have in the day, but rather a matter of knowledge and focus – this is where we can add a lot of value.

What happens if I have to stop the program due to health issues?

If you have to stop the program due to health issues, then you will have the choice to either receive a refund (prorated appropriately) or put the program on hold so that you can achieve a more modest goal once you regain your health.

Is the VidaFit program an alternative to the gym?

Yes! We teach you how to become and stay fit without needing a gym membership. The time that you would normally spend going to and from the gym can now be used for exercise! This can save you significant time and hundreds of dollars a year – every year – for the rest of your life.

What type of exercise techniques and tools are used?

A wide range of techniques and tools are used to support both indoor and outdoor exercise. However, your personal exercise plan will depend on your specific needs and preferences. For example, someone interested in shaping their body may use core and interval training, resistance bands, a swiss ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, or a TRX training system. For those focused primarily on improving their health, a mix of aerobic and resistance-based training, combined with a water-based program, functional movements, and/or deep stretching exercises may be used. Pregnant women would certainly benefit from Kegel exercises, yoga, and deep-breathing techniques – while those training for a marathon or triathlon would naturally employ a regimen of swimming, biking, and running.

What is included in nutritional counseling?

We use a wide range of tools and techniques to help you develop healthy eating habits. We recommend keeping a daily food diary to help you identify your unhealthy behaviors and uncover potential gaps in your nutritional knowledge. You’ll also benefit from kitchen coaching sessions where we teach you new recipes and healthy cooking techniques. We conduct periodic refrigerator and pantry checks to identify potential problems and suggest healthy alternatives. Additionally, we help our clients review their favorite restaurant menus to identify healthy choices. If desired, we will go shopping with you to help distinguish better choices for you and your family.

How could I benefit from lifestyle coaching?

Many people fail to stay fit over the long run because they have not effectively addressed their unhealthy lifestyle habits (such as lack of sleep, high stress, poor work/life balance, emotional eating, alcohol/cigarette dependence, etc). Lifestyle coaching works hand-in-hand with personal training and nutritional counseling to overcome these barriers so that you achieve lasting results.