CSC VidaFit Wellness Scholarship

Providing Rays of Hope for all people affected by cancer

VidaFit has teamed up with CSC to promote a comprehensive approach to wellness and further our shared cause to prevent and cure cancer.

CSC VidaFit Wellness Scholarship

One CSC member or volunteer who wants to be an ambassador for a healthy lifestyle may apply to receive 12 FREE weeks ($3,000 value) of VidaFit’s True Food Delivery and the Live Well program. All scholarship applicants will get a FREE VidaFit wellness consultation ($150 value).

Who may apply?

CSC Central Ohio volunteers and members

What are the timings?

Applications must be submitted by December 31st. The scholarship kicks off in February, just in time to make good on your New Year’s resolutions!

Don’t want to wait? Use your VidaFit gift card to start now – ask the front desk or call 614.526.8432 for details.

How is the scholarship winner selected?

A committee made up of CSC and VidaFit Board and Staff Members will select the winning application based on the following criteria:

  • Active CSC member or volunteer that participates at least twice a month in center activities
  • A compelling reason or life situation is stated for needing the program
  • Someone who has the will to make a significant and meaningful change to their life
  • Able to invest the time and focus to implement their exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle plan
  • Willing to extensively document their journey and share their experience via self-journaling, interviews, video, etc
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