Live well after cancer

Your goal is clear…

Surviving cancer and making it through cancer treatment are MAJOR accomplishments – you now have the strong urge to make a meaningful change in your life for the better

You want to:

1Keep the cancer from returning

2Live a fuller and happier life

. . . but it’s difficult to achieve alone.

You may feel lost and helpless without the structure of the treatment and daily guidance from your medical teams. The stress and anxiety from your post-treatment lifestyle may rob you of your energy and motivation. And of course, the ongoing fear of reoccurrence can be paralyzing in itself.

So where do you start?

The Vidafit Program-the way forward

We will help you get started and navigate the post treatment world to a better life after cancer.

By consulting with your doctor and working closely with you to understand your goals, where you are in your treatment and what side effects you may be experiencing, we can build a personalized wellness program – exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle – that suits your specific needs.

For example, those with neuropathy in their feet, might exercise more safely on a bike than on a treadmill. Fitness plans for breast-cancer patients might focus on improving upper-body range of motion after a mastectomy. Someone with brain cancer might need to work primarily on balance.  Nutritional plans on the whole might also be adjusted to account for specific caloric or acidic requirements.

One significant advantage to the VidaFit program is that you can improve your fitness without joining a gym or even leaving the house. That’s a big plus for many who may be more vulnerable to infection or simply appreciate the added convenience and privacy.

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can help you live well after cancer

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