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Healthy living made easy.

Does a busy lifestyle keep you from eating healthy and exercising?

True Food Delivery


Organic, gluten-free meals delivered fresh

VidaFit’s True Food Delivery™ is Central Ohio’s premier healthy meal delivery service. Organic, gluten-free meals delivered fresh to the home or office.

The Be Well Program

The VidaFit Live Well Program

A comprehensive mobile fitness solution

VidaFit’s Be Well Program is a mobile fitness program that integrates exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching together on a pay-for-results basis.

VidaFit in the Spotlight!

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A VidaFit Moment

Cancer Survivor Gets Amazing Results

Please pass on your congrats to Lina, a 9 year cancer survivor and recipient of the CSC VidaFit Wellness Scholarship who recently graduated from VidaFit’s mobile fitness program. The scholarship included free organic, gluten-free meals delivered fresh to her home along with her own team of wellness experts.

Lina lost 10% of her body fat and is still going! Check out her blog with video, photos, and personal commentary of her VidaFit journey.

Changing your life is not easy, but Lina is proving that it can be done if you put your heart and soul into it.

Congrats Lina!